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Chemical Disposal

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Students are encouraged to contact or view their local Public Safety Department’s guidelines with regard to proper disposal.

Micro-Scale Chemistry

All kits are designed using micro-scale science principles, practices, and techniques. Micro-scale chemistry science was specifically developed to minimize potential safety and environmental hazards while still providing valid learning experiences to students. The chemicals used in a typical micro-scale experiment are in very low molar concentrations and in very small quantities, averaging in the 0.5 to 5.0 mL range. Thus, hazardous chemical exposure is close to non-existent, but students are still able to conduct traditional science experimentation. The small quantities and unique packaging of diluted chemical utilized in our kits, allow us to fully comply with 49 CFR 173.4 as well as IATA regulations and to legally and safely ship kits to science students all around the globe.

Since student safety is paramount, experiments are intentionally designed to avoid extremely hazardous chemicals and chemicals in hazardous quantities or concentrations. The vast majority of chemistry experiments we offer are inorganic, as relatively few organic experiments are safe for students to perform outside of a formal laboratory.

Cleanup and Disposal

Experiments normally result in a neutralized solution and students are instructed on how to neutralize any leftover acid or base solutions before disposal. In light of these precautions plus the minute quantities and diluted chemicals used in kits, students are generally instructed to blot up remaining chemicals with paper toweling for solid waste disposal. Special instructions are given in the lab manual if alternative disposal methods are required.

Due to the minute quantities, low concentrations, and diluted and/or neutralized chemicals used in our kits, the above described disposal methods are well within acceptable levels of disposal guidelines defined for the vast majority of local solid and wastewater regulations. However, since regulations can vary in some communities, students are advised to check with their area authorities to confirm that they are in compliance with local regulations and/or if they desire assistance with disposal.

Remember to check a chemical's Safety Data Sheet for special instructions on use and disposal.

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