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I received a broth/agar that is expired. Can I still use it?

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Our broth and agar vendor has issued a shelf-life extension. These broths and agars have been tested to ensure that there will be no issues with poor microbe growth or contamination.

In the table below, find your media type by name and refer to the extended shelf life; this is the amount of time from the production date (or "lot date" as some labels say) that these materials are viable.

Media/Broth Extended Shelf Life
Nutrient Broth, 5mL 464 Days
Nutrient Broth, 1%NaCl, 6mL 464 Days
Nutrient Broth, 7% NaCl, 6mL 464 Days
Nutrient Broth, 15% NaCl, 6mL 464 Days
MR-VP Broth, 5 mL 467 Days
Nutrient Agar, 18 mL 468 Days
TSA Agar, 18 mL 440 Days
MacConkey Agar, 20 mL 463 Days
Phenol Red Broth, 9 mL 365 Days
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