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I received a kit with a refrigeration sticker. What items in my kit need to be refrigerated?

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Refrigerate the following items when you receive your kit and after opening them for use:

  • Nutrient Broth
  • Phenol Red Broth
  • MR-VP Broth
  • MRS Broth
  • Nutrient Agar
  • EMB Agar
  • MacConkey Agar
  • MRS Agar
  • Motility Test Agar
  • Penicillin Disk
  • Novobiocin Disk
  • Antibiotic Disk
  • TSA Broth
  • NaCl Broth
  • The Lymphatic System Chembag
  • The Digestive System Chembag
  • Melting Points Chembag
  • States of Matter Chembag
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