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The materials list for my lab in the SI Cloud is calling for lens paper/slides, but I did not receive any in my kit.

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The lens paper/slides are not on the materials list.

The SI Microscopy labs are designed to be used with or without a physical microscope. Lens paper and slides will ONLY be included in your kit if your instructor has opted for you to use a physical microscope. If you do not receive lens paper or slides and they are not on the materials list for your course, your instructor has selected to use our digital microscope, the Virtual Microscope. The V-Scope is hosted on the SI Cloud and includes all digital slides required to complete your experiment.

Access your V-scope in the course's drop-down menu.

The lens paper/slides are on the materials list, but I did not receive them.

Oh no! We apologize for the error, and will send your materials to you. Check out our web form here to let us know what materials are missing.

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