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I Have My Kit, How Do I Access My Course?

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If you have purchased a kit from your bookstore or ordered your kit through the Cloud, follow these steps to unlock access to your course curriculum in SI Cloud.

If you already have an SI Cloud account, skip to step 4.

You'll receive a link from your instructor to access your SI course. If you do not have a link, please contact your instructor and request it.

HOL - Student Registration - Google Chrome

2. Fill out the form to create an SI account.

Use your name and school email, then create a password and select "Submit."

HOL - Student Registration - Google Chrome

3. Review and Accept the User Agreement.

HOL - Dashboard - Google Chrome

4. Select the course name.

You'll see all active courses you're registered for on the SI Cloud landing page. Each course name is a hyperlink that brings you to the course homepage.

HOL - Dashboard - Google Chrome

5. Select "Enter a Code" then "Kit Code" on the top right of your screen.

HOL - Instance - Google Chrome

6. Find the Kit Code on your box.

Your kit code is located in one of three locations on your box, depending on your kit: on the underside of the sticker label (beneath the outer cardboard security sleeve), inside the box lid, or inside the booklet in your box.

6.1. Sticker Label Location (click to expand)
HOL - Instance - Google Chrome
6.2. Box Lid Location (click to expand)

If your kit has a Digital Content List available, the box lid sticker will instead look like this:

I Have My Kit, How Do I Access My Course? | Kit Orders & Shipping | Science Interactive Student Help Guides - Google Chrome
6.3. Kit Booklet Location (click to expand)

7. Enter your kit code and click "Submit."

HOL - Instance - Google Chrome

8. Your kit is now activated and you are ready to begin your course!

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