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How Do I Redeem A Voucher Through My LMS?

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Follow these steps if your course content will be accessed through your school's Learning Management System (e.g. Blackboard, Canvas, D2L, Moodle, etc.).

Once you redeem your voucher, your class will be activated for you. You won't need to use any unlock code that arrives in the kit.

1. Access your course in your school's LMS.

What does that look like?

In Canvas, selecting "Getting Started" here will take you to your course. Other LMSs function similarly but may look different. If you have questions about where to find your course in your LMS, your instructor can help.

2. Select "Enter a Code," then "Payment Voucher" on the top-right of the screen.

HOL - Instance - Google Chrome

3. Input your voucher code and select "Check Out."

Type your voucher code into text box. Your voucher code can be found on the front of the voucher you purchased from the bookstore.

HOL - Instance - Google Chrome

If your course contains only digital content and no physical kit, proceed to step 8.

4. Input your shipping information and select "Review Order."

HOL - Purchase Kit - Google Chrome

Make sure to double-check your address and include a phone number where we can reach you if there is important information about your order.

5. Confirm your order details and select "Continue to payment.

HOL - Purchase Kit - Google Chrome

Voucher orders are processed with standard shipping at no cost. Please contact Customer Service at 866-206-0773 if you require expedited shipping, which will come with an additional fee.

6. Review our return policy, check the box to agree with the terms, and click "Complete Purchase."

HOL - Purchase Kit - Google Chrome

7. Your kit is on its way!

You'll see a receipt pop-up window with details of your order. You'll also receive a receipt in the email address you used to register your account (Step 1). Please allow five (5) business days for us to build your kit before shipping.

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