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How do I Order My Kit with Guest Checkout?

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Previously, some schools used our ordering system at to have students order their lab kits. In order to make the process more convenient and secure, we have integrated this ordering directly into our Cloud platform.

Guest checkout is only available in certain courses. If your checkout experience doesn't match the steps in this article, try "How do I order through SI Cloud?"

1. Your instructor will provide you with an ordering URL. Copy and paste the provided URL into your browser's navigation bar.

The URL will include a long string of characters that create a unique link to your specific kit. Entering the URL will take you to a shopping cart that already has your kit pre-loaded into it.

2. Verify that the Course and Instructor are correct to ensure that you are ordering the right kit. If the information is correct, select "Proceed to Checkout."

HOL - Purchase Kit - Google Chrome

If the Course and/or Instructor are not correct, verify that you have copied and pasted the URL correctly. If the URL is not the issue, contact your instructor to ensure they are sending the correct link to you.

3. Enter your shipping information then select "Continue."

HOL - Purchase Kit - Google Chrome

4. Confirm your address and select "Use This Address"

HOL - Purchase Kit - Google Chrome

5. Select your shipping option, then select "Continue to Payment."

HOL - Purchase Kit - Google Chrome

Note that the shipping options apply after the time needed for the order to be processed and the kit to be built. Learn more about order processing here.

6. Review and accept our Return and Refund policy.

7. Enter your payment information, then select "Pay."

HOL - Purchase Kit - Google Chrome

Only select "Pay" once, and do not leave the page until you see your receipt.

8. Success! Your kit will be built and sent to you as soon as possible!

Your receipt will display on your page and will be sent to the email provided. Notate your order number, as you can use that to track the journey of your order.

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